Please contribute to the ongoing discussion on these themes by sharing with us your impressions of the exhibition. Any suggestions would also be appreciated. Take this opportunity to get in touch with the mathematicians involved in the project!

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  1. 2016 / May / 27
    Name: Paycha
    From: Berlin

    We are very happy to welcome you to share your impressions with us. Building up the exhibition, which took us two years or so, was a very exciting and rather unique experience. We do hope you enjoy seeing it and are looking forward to your feedback!

  2. 2016 / Jul / 03
    Name: Dr Maryam H A Alrashed
    From: kuwait


    I wonder if you have any kind of communication or follow ups with women mathematician outside European zone!!
    In particular, that now an Iranian woman had won a fields medal (Maryam Mirzakhani)!
    Thank you very much

  3. 2016 / Oct / 24
    Name: Martin Tangora
    From: Chicago

    Is the gallery of portraits available for viewing on line? I can’t find it.

    • 2016 / Oct / 25
      Name: Noel Matoff

      Dear Tangora, no, you can either see the portraits in the exhibition or in the catalogue, which you can order here: The catalogue “WOMEN OF MATHEMATICS THROUGHOUT EUROPE, A gallery of portraits” is an essential part of the project and complementary to the exhibition. It encompasses the 13 complete interviews from which the excerpts presented on the exhibition panels were extracted.
      Best, Noel Matoff

      • 2016 / Dec / 07
        Name: Enrico Pretta
        From: Torino

        Is the catalogue available only on Verlag-am-fluss web site?
        Can I buy it directly at the exhibition in Rome?

      • 2016 / Dec / 08
        Name: Noel Matoff

        Dear Enrico, sorry for answering late – hoepfully you could join the opening in Rome yesterday – and were able to buy a catalogue? That would have been my answer, yes, you can buy the catalogue directly at the exhibition.

        Sorry again, best, Noel