AUSTRALIA, various venues

The exhibit is made of 16 panels and a book. If you would like to display it, please contact Pierre Portal (pierre.portal@anu.edu.au). Print or screen ready files can be made available free of charge. An opening of the exhibit will take place on 12 May 2021 at various universities across Australia.
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Prof. Ragni Piene and Prof. Cordian Riemer. © Noel Tovia Matoff
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Opening October 2018 at the TUK in Kaiserslautern. The exhibition was extenden with portraits from Alice Niemeyer (Aachen RWTH, Germany), Caroline Lassueur (TUK Kaiserslautern, Germany), Eva Zerz (Aachen RWTH, Germany), Gabriela Weitze-Schmithüsen, UdS Saarland, Germany), Gabriele Nebe, Aachen RWTH, Germany), Hannah Markwig (EKU Tübingen, Germany) and Niamh Farrell (TUK Kaiserslautern, Germany). © Noel Tovia Matoff
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Opening of the extended exhibition in March 2018 in Santiago Chile, at the GAM, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral
With Alicia Dickenstein, Amalia Pizarro, Calorina Bhering, Carmen cortázar Sanz, Carolina Neira, Iboon Garcia, Lorna Figueroa, Lorna Figueroa, Mar°a soledad torres d°az, Monica Musso, Salomé Martinez. © GAM, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistra
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Opening of the extended exhibition at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge in April 2017. © Candy Smellie
Introducing Natalia Berloff, Nilanjana Datta, Anne-Christine Davis, Julia Gog, Holly Krieger and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb.
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