Sylvie Paycha and Sana Hizem Sylvie Paycha and Sana Hizem

» On the other hand, having children forces you to adjust your schedule,
to find a certain balance between family and work. I defended my thesis
just after the birth of my first child and passed my habilitation shortly
after the birth of my second. Research doesn‘t wait and taking a break
is therefore difficult.«

Sana Hizem

When you do research, you spend a lot of time thinking about a problem,
sometimes in vain, without getting anywhere. You are constantly
wondering whether what you are doing is interesting, if it will work out
or not, if you are the right person to be working on that problem, which
makes you doubt yourself. But mathematics also brings intense joy.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that I just
have to write down. Overall I am happy with what I do, however small
my contribution.