Senjo Shimizu Senjo Shimizu

Although whether I could become a mathematician was very uncertain, this sense of joy that mathematics gave me from a young age formed the core of my decision to choose mathematics.«

»[…] my father was opposed to my studying mathematics, and so were my school teachers. They didn’t think that  mathematics was appropriate for women, an issue my father and I disagreed on and often argued about when I was in high school. […] I was not able to enter the mathematics course as an undergraduate student. […] After earning my PhD degree, I [managed] to find a job almost right away. So, in this sense I recovered from the hardships I experienced in high school and as an undergraduate.«

»Obtaining a satisfactory result is rewarding, but there are cases when, despite spending a long time on the project, one  reaches no result. This can lead to disappointment. Since one’s thinking is limited, discussions with collaborators are very useful to generate new ideas.«

»I would encourage a young woman wanting to start a career in mathematics, to follow her own ambitions, even if those around her disagree. If she truly wants to choose mathematics, she can carry on, dodging the difficulties like a willow tree.