Sylvie Paycha and Betül Tanbay Sylvie Paycha and Betül Tanbay

Mathematics fills up life, it gives you

strength. When you feel pessimistic

about the world, mathematics still holds.

It is not affected by climate change,

by quarrels, politics or economics.

It is not so much a matter of being good at

math or not, it is a matter of loving it. Also, it

becomes more beautiful when you can share

curiosity and the work.


Something I really am interested in is repetition. Artists, musicians, dancers rehearse and repeat. In French the word “répéter” means to repeat and also to rehearse. Research also means a lot of repetition, you repeat and repeat and at some stage something new comes out of this repetition. The feeling of stagnation, that you are in a vicious circle, is a preparation for a creation…